30 November 2008

Mojo radio ceases broadcasting

Radio station Mojo (Freeview channel 721) has ceased broadcasting. The station has been broadcasting since September 2003, and drummed-up a loyal audience of 300,000 listeners, but is being closed due to the spiralling costs of broadcasting. There is no indication that the station will be replaced on Freeview, where it was available in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

20 November 2008

Analogue switched-off at Selkirk

On day 401 of the UK's Digital Switchover programme, analogue transmissions have ceased from the Selkirk transmitter in Scotland; it's relay stations will follow suit in the coming hours. From midday today, the Eastern half of the Border television region will be served by exclusively digital terrestrial television signals.

14 November 2008

UKTV History to be re-branded Yesterday

Well, actually, it will be re-branded early next year, but it's new name will be Yesterday. As well as a confusing new name, the channel's programming will also be changing, with a shift towards more modern documentaries.

08 November 2008

Freeview: EPG reshuffle expected next year

Freeview are expecting another reorganisation of channel numbers on the platform's electronic programme guide early next year, according to unofficial reports. The last "reshuffle" took place in October 2005; not only have there been a large number of changes in the interim period, but many are expected to take place between now and January.

Five consider launching kids channel

Five are considering launching a children's channel, according to reports. It's thought the broadcaster will be looking to exploit its status as a public service broadcaster (presumably to guarantee coverage on Freeview and prominence on other platforms' electronic programme guides) to promote and sustain the channel.

07 November 2008

Freeview+ launches ad campaign

A massive £6.5million advertising campaign for Freeview+, the range of Freeview personal video recorders, was launched yesterday. The campaign is Freeview's biggest to date, and will run across television and print.

Confirmed: shopping channel to leave Freeview

Virgin Media have confirmed that they have lost the licence to broadcast one of its shopping channels on Freeview from January next year. The cable company owns Sit-Up TV, responsible for broadcasting Bid TV and Price Drop TV on DTT. It is thought that the capacity freed-up will be used to launch a new channel on multiplex A; Discovery won an auction for the slot last month. Virgin are "reviewing the implications of this development on [their] business model and considering alternative courses of action".

06 November 2008

Orange ditch plans to launch IPTV service

Orange has abandoned plans to launch a Freeview-plus-Broadband television service because their proposed service was "too similar" to BT Vision, according to reports. Their decision is also thought to be based on the current economic downturn and a significant reduction in their home broadband subscription base since the idea was first mooted two years ago.

Switchover proper begins in Border

The first major phase of the UK's digital switchover plan began just after midnight this morning, when analogue transmissions of BBC Two were switched off at the Selkirk transmitter in Scotland. In just over two weeks, all analogue television broadcasts from Selkirk and its relay stations will have been replaced by digital multiplexes.

05 November 2008

Mojo Radio to close

Mojo will close on November 30, it has been announced. The radio station, which began broadcasting on Freeview on September 15, 2003, will be sacrificed by parent company Bauer to save money.