08 July 2008

West and Westcountry switch dates confirmed

Digital UK, the body responsible for coordinating digital switchover, has released details of the timetable for the switch in the West and Westcountry regions.

In the south-west, Beacon Hill starts the process on 8 April 2009, followed by the Stockland Hill transmitter on 6 May 2009. Switchover at these two transmitters will be completed within two weeks. Later in the year, Huntsure Cross (1 July), Redruth (8 July) and Caradon Hill (12 August) will switch, but analogue will continue to broadcast for the full four-week period.

In the West region, Bristol's Ilchester Crescent and Kings Weston transmitter groups will switch between January and March 2010, followed by Mendip between April and June, and Ridge Hill (West) between January and March 2011. Full details are available on the Digital UK website.