24 February 2009

This week History, next week Yesterday

UKTV History will be re-branded as Yesterday on Monday 2 March, the broadcaster has confirmed. The channel broadcasts between 06:00 and 18:00 on Freeview channel 12.

EPG shuffle takes place

There's been a minor shuffle of channel names and numbers on the Freeview EPG today, as outlined below:

23. Bid TV
24. ITV4 (previously 28)
25. Dave Ja Vu (previously Dave+1)
26. UKTV Style
27. ITV2+1 (previously 31)
28. E4 (previously 29)
29. E4+1 (previously 30)
70. CBBC
71. CBeebies
72. CITV (previously 75)

23 February 2009

Dave+1 to become... Dave ja vu

From the ridiculous to the downright loopy... UKTV have decided to re-brand Dave+1 as – wait for it – Dave ja vu. See what they've done there? The change will take place tomorrow, along with a whole raft of other minor changes on the EPG.

ITV consider selling SDN

ITV are considering selling SDN, the operator of multiplex A, which it owns outright. It's thought that, if a buyer could be found, the sale could net ITV £200million - it paid £143million for the company back in 2002. The broadcaster has been selling-off non-core businesses since it was created out of the merger between Carlton and Granada, but there is some surprise that they are willing to let such sought-after DTT real estate slip out of their control.

One bid for Cardiff local multiplex

Ofcom has only received one application to operate services on the forthcoming local DTT multiplex in Cardiff. The city currently has it's own analogue terrestrial channel, Capital TV, but it is Cube Interactive and not Capital who have submitted a proposal.

Disovery Quest launches 14 May

Discovery's new Freeview channel Quest will launch at 10:00 on 14 May, it has been reported. The MHEG holding slide is due to be updated tomorrow with more information about the channel, which will be Discovery's first non-subscription service in the UK.

20 February 2009

Film4 to extend hours in March

Film4 will start at 11:00 from March, it has been revealed. The channel, which currently starts at 12:45 for a 13:00 start, timeshares with Gems TV on multiplex D. It also forms a key part of Channel 4's submission to Ofcom for HD capacity on Freeview.

Ofcom receive two bids for 4th HD slot

Ofcom has received two applications for the fourth HD channel slot to be made available via DTT, it has been announced. The first three slots have been awarded to the BBC, ITV and Channel 4; the latter has submitted a joint-bid with S4C to launch a hybrid children's and film channel (Film4 HD). The other proposal comes from Five, who offer to timeshare with another HD channel during the day.

19 February 2009

Mini-Reshuffle later this month

As expected, there will be a mini-reshuffle of channel numbers for ITV and Channel 4's digital channels on 24 February. According to the Freeview website, ITV4 will move from 28 to 24; CITV will move to 72 from 75; ITV2 +1 changes from 31 to 27; and E4 and E4+1 will drop down one space each, finishing on 28 and 29 respectively.

17 February 2009

Mini-Switchover on the South coast

Analogue broadcasts of Five will be switched off, and all Freeview multiplexes will move to new frequencies for 500,000 viewers in the western half of the Meridian television region next month. On 25 March, the Fawley transmitter will no longer carry analogue Five, and digital multiplexes from Rowridge will shift channels to avoid interference with digital signals from across the Channel. Switchover-proper isn't due to start in the region until 2012.

Gala Bingo to launch on Freeview? No.

According to this article, Gala Bingo's television channel, Gala TV is to be relaunched, with a possible Freeview launch on the cards. There's few other details at this stage, with no indication where the capacity will come from.

19 February update: Fear not, Freeview fans. Gala Bingo isn't on the way. The author of the original article mistook Freeview for Freesat, the new free satellite television service from the BBC and ITV.

16 February 2009

Five US becomes Five USA

Five US has been rebranded as Five USA today.

05 February 2009

Channel M awarded Manc DTT licence

In a not-at-all-suprising move, Ofcom have awarded the licence to transmit local digital channels in Manchester to Channel M, who currently broadcast on analogue terrestrial and cable in the area.

03 February 2009

Film4 moves to channel 15

In the first of several expected channel moves over the coming months, Film4 has today been moved from Freeview channel 32 to 15. Public Service Broadcasters' channels (ie: the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five) get priority over their purely-commercial rivals for lower (considered better) channel numbers under the official guidelines. Reports suggest ITV4 will move to channel 24 and CITV will shift to 72 in late-February.

DirectGov launches on Freeview

DirectGov, the Government's digital gateway to services, has launched a text service on Freeview, in conjuction with Teletext. The service is available 24 hours a day on channel 106, or from Teletext page 750.

02 February 2009

Russia Today launches on Freeview

Russia Today has started broadcasting on Freeview channel 85. The channel, which timeshares with Dave+1 on mulitplex D, will broadcast between 06:00 and 08:00 daily.