28 August 2008

Teachers' TV to extend Freeview hours

Teachers' TV will extend its broadcasting hours on Freeview by 100% from September 1.

Q1. If Teachers' TV currently broadcasts for one hour a day, how many seconds per day will the channel broadcast after September 1?

The channel's new broadcasting hours will be 16:00 to 18:00 daily.

Q2. UKTV Gold currently starts at 17:00, and ends at 23:30. Express as a percentage the reduction in hours the entertainment channel will suffer.

Teachers' TV will remain on Freeview channel 88.

Q3. If a train leaves Glasgow at 10:10am, travelling at 45mph going South and another train leaves London at 2:05pm travelling at 75kph going North, how far will each train travel and at what time will the two trains meet?

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