26 January 2007

TDN to be replaced by DMOL

The technical guardian responsible for co-ordinating changes to the digital terrestrial platform (including the allocation of channel numbers) is to be replaced by a new, more formal organisation. DTT Multiplex Operators Limited (or DMOL) will take over from The Digital Network (TDN), but will continue to be owned by the BBC, National Grid Wireless, S4C Digital Networks, ITV and Channel 4.

25 January 2007

Changes afoot in February

There will be a few more changes to the channels broadcast on Freeview and Top Up TV in February, it would appear. Top Up TV have confirmed that their channel line-up will be changing: the Discovery Channel, Discovery Real Time and Cartoon Network will be dropped from the live channels service (programmes still available on Anytime), and British Eurosport moves to a morning slot (7:30 to 10:00). This frees up a slot between 9:00 and midnight for Setanta Sports. Meanwhile, the Film4 listings now cease at 4:00, all but confirming that a new channel will be timesharing with it between 4:00 and noon. Rumours suggest it could be financial channel Bloomberg.

22 January 2007

BBC test 4-screen News Multiscreen

The BBC have been conducting tests for the expansion of the News Multiscreen on Freeview from 2 to 4 screens. Following the removal of the quarter-screen BBC Parliament video, channel 302 has been carrying four quarter-screens with audio in anticipation of the new service’s launch later this year.

18 January 2007

BBC may be forced to carry C4 services

Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell has announced (as part of the BBC’s licence fee settlement) that she is still "keeping open" the idea of the BBC giving Channel 4 £14m and digital spectrum for a TV channel and three radio stations (on Freeview). Channel 4 currently uses capacity on three multiplexes, and the BBC also faces the prospect of finding Five and S4C post-switchover carriage.

17 January 2007

S4C yn datgelu eu delwedd brand newydd

Mae S4C yn cyflwyno delwedd brand newdd fydd yn arwain y Sianel at yr oes ddigidol-yn-unig a thu hwnt. Mae’r brand newydd, a lansir ar 18 Ionawr, yn cyflwyno diwyg ac agwedd gyfoes a fydd i’w gweld ar wasanaethau S4C ar yr awyr, oddi ar yr awyr ac ar-lein. Mae’n cymryd lle'r brand presennol a ddefnyddiwyd ers 1993.
Click here for the English translation!

12 January 2007

Freeview will win switchover battle

A report by Jupiter Research has stated the bleeding obvious, by suggesting that Freeview will be more popular than subscription platforms at digital switchover. The report suggests that there will be an extra 4.6 million homes with Freeview in the next five years, compared to just 1.2 million for satellite, 700,000 for cable and, interestingly, 1 million for TV via broadband.

11 January 2007

Quiet news week

The quarter-screen BBC Parliament stream has finally been removed from channel 305: a full screen service has been available on channel 81 since last year. The capacity will almost certainly be used to add two further loops to the BBC News Multiscreen.

03 January 2007

Movers and shakers

The new year has bought with it a few changes to commercial presentation programming on Freeview channels. Thomas Cook TV has moved from FTN to Five US, replacing iBuy. Following so far? Quiz Call has also abandoned FTN, replacing the Great Big British Quiz on Five US (and on Five Life on cable and satellite). Meanwhile, the future of ITV Play looks uncertain, following confirmation that Quiz Mania is to be axed and The Mint is under review… ITV could use the channel’s slot for ITV Movies.