10 February 2005

Top Up TV has 160,000 subscribers

Digital Spy has revealed that pay-television service Top Up TV has attracted 160,000 subscribers since launching in April last year. It is estimated that there are currently around one million receivers that are capable of viewing the service. Top Up TV has a break-even target of 250,000 subscribers.

09 February 2005

Red Hot launches

Adult entertainment channel Red Hot has launched as a pay-per-view channel on DTT. A compatible DTT receiver is required to view the service, charged at £5.99/night. No subscription to Top Up TV is required. The channel has already proved controversial: lawyers acting on behalf of Freeview (the company) have already taken legal action against the channel, as their website used the Freeview logo without permission.
Story: DTT Boxes

Ofcom announces switchover plans

Ofcom have published proposals for the switchover to digital television. Under the plans, which are based on the ITV broadcast regions: Wales, Westcountry and Border will be the first to switch off the analogue signal in 2008; Granada, West, Grampian and Scottish will switch in 2009; Central, Yorkshire, Anglia in 2010; Meridian, London, Tyne Tees and Ulster in 2011; the Channel Islands will be the last to convert in 2012.
Story: DTT Boxes

Teachers' TV launches on Freeview

Teachers's TV has launched on Freeview channel 47, and will broadcast daily from 00:00 (midnight) to 06:00. The channel is available 24-hours a day on satellite and cable.
Story: DTT Boxes

01 February 2005

E4 to switch to Freeview?

E4 could become free on all digital platforms, including Freeview, by the end of the year, according to reports. Channel 4 are reported as saying that it is a simply a case of when, and not if, E4 will become a solely advertising-funded channel. The channel is currently broadcast on subscription service Top Up TV.