23 December 2005

ITV News Channel closed

The ITV News Channel has closed. Launched on August 1, 2000 (as ITN), the channel broadcast its last programme today at 17:30 with Alistair Stewart presenting a look back at the channel's history.

19 December 2005

ITV News Channel to close this week

Following a consultation with staff, the ITV News Channel will close on Friday, December 23. Understandably, the doomed-channel's employees were not prepared to work over Christmas in the knowledge that a) their jobs were at risk and b) no-one would be watching anyway.

14 December 2005

ITV News Channel to close

The ITV News Channel is expected to close at the end of next month. Recently forced to broadcast for only 12 hours a day on Freeview to make room for ITV4, the channel was facing no carriage on Freeview at all from February when ITV plan to launch their new kids channel. The channel has also had to contend with being off-air for much of last year in various regions across the country and low ratings compared with BBC News 24 and the recently-relaunched Sky News.

More4+1 launches on Freeview

A little later than expected, More4+1 has launched on Freeview channel 31. Viewers will need to rescan their boxes to receive the channel; meanwhile, Men & Motors has moved from channel 38 to 35.
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28 November 2005

More4+1 to launch on Freeview

More4's timeshifted sister channel More4+1 is to launch on Freeview. A temporary measure until Channel 4 think of something else to do with their newly-acquired slot, the channel is set to launch "later this month".
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14 November 2005

Finally - ITV News returns to Border region

Over a year after being taken off-air, the ITV News Channel has finally returned to the Border region, along with the first appearance of ITV4, which it timeshares with.
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08 November 2005

BBC to launch HD Freeview trial

The BBC is to begin trials of a High Definition television service, which will include a simulcast of peak-time BBC One, next year. Satellite and cable will be used for the trials but the BBC will also be applying to Ofcom for use of an unused frequency in London for a digital terrestrial trial of the service. Specialist HD-compatible equipment will be required to view any such service.

01 November 2005

ITV4 launches on Freeview

ITV4 has launched on Freeview channel 30. The channel, which timeshares with the ITV News Channel is available in all regions except Border, which still hasn't had the necessary engineering work completed for the channel to launch. The work in the Westcountry region was only completed today. Programmes are, however, being simulcast on Men & Motors to allow these viewers to see the Champions League football.
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31 October 2005

ITV News Channel hours cut

The ITV News Channel has had its broadcast hours reduced on Freeview to make way for ITV4. The News channel will now boadcast between 06:00 and 18:00 daily, on a timeshare basis with ITV4, which launches tomorrow. The News Channel is expected to be removed entirely early next year when ITV launch a new children's channel.
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Sky Three launches on Freeview

Sky Three has launched on Freeview channel 11, replacing Sky Travel. Programmes are broadcast in widescreen.
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26 October 2005

BT reveal hybrid Freeview/Broadband box

BT have revealed their new set-top box capable of receiving Freeview and accessing a library of on-demand content via broadband. Manufactured by Philips, the box will store up to 80 hours of recorded programmes. Trials of BT's on-demand service are expected to start in the Spring with a full launch later in 2006.

24 October 2005

Sky News relaunches in widescreen

Sky News has relaunched from new studios and in widescreen. Broadcasting on Freeview channel 82, it's the first Sky channel to broadcast in 16:9 on Freeview, although it is expected that Sky Three will follow suit when it launches on DTT.
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Top Up TV ads breached regulations

The on-screen messages which appeared on Five advertising the Top Up TV subscription service breached broadcast regulations according to Ofcom. The regulator ruled that the broadcaster must draw a line between banners that inform of changes to the DTT service, such as EPG updates and new channels, and one which is being used to promote paid-for services in future.

18 October 2005

EPG re-shuffle

As expected, a major overhaul of the EPG has taken place this afternoon. Children's channels have been moved to the 70s, News channels to the 80s, Adult channels to the late-90s, Text services to the 100s, "hidden" services to the 300s and Radio stations to the 700s. In the "general entertainment" section, ITV3 has moved to channel 10, replacing BBC Four which moves up to channel 9; ITV4 has appeared on channel 30; More4 has moved to channel 13 in Wales, replacing S4C 2 which has moved to the News section.

16 October 2005

QVC testing Active text service

QVC Active, the shopping channel's text service, is currently being tested on Freeview. It can be accessed by pressing the correct combination of colour keys:

Source: Telly Aerial

15 October 2005

EPG re-shuffle on the way

There will be an EPG re-shuffle on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 18. All radio stations and many television channels will all be moved to new channel numbers. Following a large number of channel launches and changes over the last few months, the re-shuffle is designed to "tidy up" the numbering system so that similar channels are grouped together more logically.
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12 October 2005

ITV and Channel 4 join Freeview

ITV and Channel 4, who currently broadcast nine channels between them on Freeview, officially became members of the Freeview Consortium today. They join the BBC, BSkyB and Crown Castle, each of whom will have an equal 20% share in the platform's marketing body.

10 October 2005

More4 launches on Freeview

More4, the "adult entertainment" channel from Channel 4, has launched on Freeview channel 13 in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and Freeview channel 35 in Wales.
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06 October 2005

ITV News Channel to leave Freeview?

The ITV News Channel saga staggers on: Broadcast have revealed that ITV are considering removing the channel from Freeview as they have run out of broadcast space and need somewhere to launch ITV4! Rather than scrap Men & Motors to make way for the new channel, a significant improvement in the lads' channel's viewing figures have forced ITV executives to reconsider the News Channel's future. It significantly under-performs rivals BBC News 24 and Sky News, and (like most news channels) actually loses the company money.
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26 September 2005

More4 begins video testing

More4 has started to broadcast video on channel 13 (in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland)/35 (in Wales). The channel, which launches on October 10, is currently showing programme promotions.
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22 September 2005

Sky Three to replace Travel on Freeview

Sky Three, a new general entertainment channel from Sky, will replace Sky Travel on Freeview when it launches. On satellite, Sky Mix will be re-named Sky Two.
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15 September 2005

Government green-light switchover plans

Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell has confirmed that digital switchover will start in 2008 in the Border ITV region and be completed by 2012. Elderly and disabled people will be offered help from both the Government and the BBC to convert to digital. Almost two thirds of households now have some form of digital TV on at least one TV, but there are still large parts of the country that cannot receive a Freeview signal.
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14 September 2005

New BBC Radio screens

The BBC Radio MHEG screens have been re-designed. Each screen now shows the station logo and dynamic programme information. Pressing red allows listeners to check schedule information and get the latest news, sport and weather headlines.
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06 September 2005

More4, Toonami appear

More4 has appeared on Freeview channel 13 in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In Wales, the channel can be found on channel 35. The channel will launch on October 10. Meanwhile, Toonami, a new Top Up TV children's channel has appeared on channel 58. It is expected to broadcast at the weekends in place of financial channel Bloomberg.
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29 August 2005

Xtraview closed

The 'pay-per-day' channel Xtraview has now closed. The channel's broadcast space will be used by the Top Up TV channels being kicked off multiplex 2 by Channel 4.
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Quiz Call begins video testing

Quiz Call, the new quiz channel from Channel 4 has begun broadcasting video on channel 37.
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17 August 2005

ITV to launch children's channel

ITV will launch a new free children's channel within the next six months. Available on all digital television services including Freeview, it will timeshare with new men's channel ITV4. ITV4 launches on November 1.
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Quiz Call appears on Freeview

A placeholder has appeared on channel 37 for Quiz Call, a new quiz channel soon to be launched by Channel 4. 705, used to broadcast a live stream from the Big Brother house, has been removed from the EPG following the end of the series. More4 launches in October.
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06 August 2005

Xtraview to close

The Xtraview 'pay-per-day' Top Up TV service is to close on August 31. It is thought that Top Up TV's current channel capacity on multiplex 2 is being withdrawn by Channel 4, forcing them to move programming into the space currently used by Xtraview on multiplex A.
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31 July 2005

Setanta launches with ITV News timeshare

Setanta Sports' pay-per-view SPL football service timeshares with the ITV News Channel, meaning the latter is taken off-air during broadcast matches. The service is only available at present in the Scottish and Grampian regions.
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28 July 2005

ITV News Channel returns to Scotland

The ITV News Channel has now returned to the Scottish regions (not including Border).
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27 July 2005

Setanta to launch pay-per-view SPL

Digital Spy reports that Setanta Sports are to launch pay-per-view Scottish Premier League games on DTT. Initially only available in the Scottish and Grampian ITV regions from the end of this month, the service will be extended nationwide in the Autumn. Viewers will pay £6 to £8 per game, using the Xtraview system.
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11 July 2005

ITV News Channel returns to HTV regions

The ITV News Channel has now returned to transmitters in the (HTV) Wales and West regions.
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04 July 2005

ITV News Channel returns to South and East

The ITV News Channel has resumed broadcasting on Freeview in the Meridian and Anglia East regions. The remainder of the Anglia region, served by the Sandy Heath transmitter, is expected to receive the service again soon.
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07 June 2005

Smooth FM launches on Freeview

Smooth FM has launched on Freeview channel 88, replacing the now-defunct Jazz FM.
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06 June 2005

Teletext on ITV launches

Teletext on ITV has launched on Freeview: the service is now accessible by pressing "text" on ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, and the ITV News Channel. The service is incompatible with ex-ONdigital boxes.
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31 May 2005

Eurosport launches on Top Up TV

British Eurosport has replaced E4 in the Top Up TV line-up. Despite speculation that Paramount would replace E4, the sport channel will now broadcast on channel 49 between 14:00 and 23:00 daily.
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27 May 2005

E4 launches on Freeview

E4 has launched on Freeview channel 14, along with timeshifted sister channel E4+1. Previously a subscription-only channel, some viewers may need to rescan their digital receivers to view the new channels.

Jazz FM to close tonight

Much to the disappointment of jazz fans, Jazz FM closes on Freeview and 102.2FM in London at midnight tonight. The station will relaunch with a new format as Smooth FM on June 7 at 10:00. An automated service will replace the channel until then.
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Paramount favourite to top up Top Up TV

Digital Spy report that Paramount Comedy is the favourite to replace E4 on Top Up TV. The replacement channel will launch on June 1 on channel 49 (currently labelled "Top Up TV new channel").
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26 May 2005

E4s gear-up for launch

E4 has stopped broadcasting on subscription service Top Up TV in preparation for its launch on Freeview tomorrow at 14:00. E4+1 has started broadcasting video tests on channel 39.
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25 May 2005

Big Brother to stream live on 705

Channel 4 have confirmed that a live feed from the Big Brother house will be available on Freeview channel 705. The start of the new series of the reality show will also be marked by the launch of E4 and E4+1.
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New Freeview channels appear

Three new placeholders have appeared on the EPG: E4+1 on channel 39, "Top Up TV new channel" on channel 49, and 705 on, erm, channel 705. E4+1 launches on Freeview on Friday, along with E4 (channel 14) which will leave Top Up TV at 18:00 on the same day. Non-Top Up TV customers may have to wait until then to re-tune their receivers in order to view the channel.
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17 May 2005

TDN LCN Policy

The following document sets out the official guidelines for the allocation of channel numbers and genres on DTT, as set by TDN:

TDN LCN Policy
17th May 2005


This document states The Digital Network’s (TDN) current policy (the “Policy”) for allocating Logical Channel Numbers (LCNs) on the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) platform. It replaces Version 1.0 of the TDN LCN Policy that was published in November 2004. TDN foresaw a review of the LCN policy within 6 months of the publication of Version 1.0. This Policy implements changes agreed during the review phase by the DTT multiplex operators: the BBC, Digital 3&4, Crown Castle UK, and SDN (“The TDN Member(s)” or the “multiplex operator(s)”). The review has also been informed by independent research into viewer attitudes and behaviour commissioned by TDN. Subsequent reviews will continue to be informed in this way.

The Policy conforms with the requirements of the Communications Act 2003 and Ofcom’s Code of Practice on Electronic Programme Guides published in July 2004 (the “Ofcom EPG Code”) refer Attachment 3. Within this regulatory framework, TDN’s objective is the management of the Policy, including genre creation and allocation of LCNs, which will have regard to the need to offer channel providers as much certainty and continuity as possible. However, TDN’s overarching objective will be to ensure that the policy is managed primarily for the long-term benefit of the DTT platform and in the interests of viewers. The Policy should be construed subject to this objective.

Services available on DTT
TDN allocates LCNs to a wide range of different services on the DTT platform, e.g. television, radio, and interactive. For the purposes of the Policy all services are referred to as ‘channels’ and those who provide them as ‘channel providers’.

Logical Channel Number (LCN) Requests and Genres
Any TDN Member which intends an additional channel to be launched on its DTT multiplex (whether or not it is the channel provider) should advise TDN as soon as possible, and in any case not later than six weeks before the intended launch of the channel of its request for a new LCN to be allocated. In order to be allocated an LCN, a channel provider must supply TDN (through its multiplex operator) with a copy of the broadcasting licence (or equivalent authorisation) permitting the broadcast of the channel on the DTT platform in the UK. Prior to that, any LCN allocation will be provisional.

The channel provider should state (through its multiplex operator) the preferred channel genre for the new channel (see section 5 below), and whether it considers that the channel qualifies as an ‘associated channel’ (see section 7 below). If TDN agrees that the channel is an associated channel, section 7 of the Policy will apply. If the channel is not an associated channel, TDN will allocate the next available number at the end of the appropriate genre. Where a genre becomes full, it may be necessary to create an overspill section for that genre elsewhere on the LCN map until TDN decides to review the Policy and the channel listings made in accordance with the Policy.

If TDN does not agree with the channel provider that the genre requested for the channel is appropriate, it will place the channel in a genre that it considers to be appropriate or, if necessary, create a new genre. Factors which TDN will take into account when deciding where to place a channel, or when creating a new genre, may include, but are not limited to: Scheduling, event and synopsis information; the specific nature of the channel, e.g. text and radio channels differ from full video and audio television channels and are likely to merit their own distinct genres rather than be listed according to the predominant genre of their content; any relevant public information and/or information that TDN may request or the channel provider may wish to provide.

Requests for an LCN made on a speculative basis (i.e channels without confirmed genre and target launch date) will not be considered, but TDN will have due regard to confidentiality requirements and will permit the use of ‘working channel names’. A request for an LCN must be approved by TDN prior to a multiplex operator submitting a Service Change Request (an “SCR”) to TDN.

In the ordering of channels, the following factors may be considered: genre, PSB status, associated channels, and any other factors. TDN will identify pay and subscription channels from free-to-air channels by a symbol appearing against the pay channel’s name.

Vacated LCN(s)
Channel providers may change the type of content of a channel or the channel’s name and retain their existing LCN. However, if a channel provider changes the type of content of a channel at any time after the launch of a channel, TDN may, after consulting with the channel provider, move the channel to a more appropriate genre. If a channel provider or multiplex operator withdraws a channel from the platform, the same LCN will not become available to that channel operator to launch a new or different channel. However, TDN will consider reasonable representations from the multiplex operator if it wishes to reserve the LCN for up to 6 months, provided it does not compromise TDN policy and objectives. In the event of such a request being put to a TDN vote, the multiplex operator making the representations will abstain from the vote on that issue. For the avoidance of doubt, this paragraph will not apply to the scenario outlined in paragraph 4.1 above.

Vacated LCNs will normally remain empty and channel providers will not be able to request them (except for the purposes of public service and associated channels). Where there are vacated LCNs in a genre, following a review of the Policy, channel providers (via their multiplex operator) may be offered an option to move a channel to a new LCN suggested by TDN in accordance with the new Policy, or unless TDN in accordance with its new Policy requires the channel to move LCN, to leave it at its current LCN.

LCNs are allocated into the following genres:
► General entertainment (TV)
► Children (TV)
► News (TV)
► Text and MHEG services
► Adult (TV)
► Radio

TDN will allocate ‘not for direct public access’ Interactive, Data, and Test services where appropriate. Note: In the next LCN policy review TDN is minded to introduce new genres and to move some channels to accommodate these.

Listing of Public Service Channels
‘Public service channels’ are those channels identified as such in accordance with Section 310 of the Communications Act 2003. When allocating LCNs to public service channels, TDN will seek to give ‘appropriate prominence’ to these channels in the appropriate genre in accordance with paragraphs 2-4 of the Ofcom EPG Code. Notably paragraph 3 clarifies that Ofcom: “does not propose to be prescriptive about what appropriate prominence means, as there are many possible ways in which EPGs could display information about programmes included in PSB services”.

Public service channels vary, e.g. in terms of launch date, content and target audience, and this may merit TDN taking different approaches to determining what constitutes “appropriate prominence” in some cases. TDN anticipates taking the following into account, inter alia, when allocating LCNs to public service channels:
► the nature and content of the channel;
► the launch date of the channel onto the DTT platform;
► the programme numbers that are vacant at the time;

TDN will ensure that its approach to affording appropriate prominence to public service channels is objectively justifiable and has regard to the interests of citizens and the expectations of consumers, in accordance with the provisions set down in the Ofcom EPG Code. TDN envisages that public service channels will be placed at, or near, the head of the relevant genres listed in Section 5 above, subject to the application of factors 6.2 i-iii above. This paragraph will only apply to vacant LCNs.

Associated Channels
If a channel qualifies as an ‘associated channel’ (see 7.2), TDN will seek, where possible, to allocate the new channel an LCN next to the existing channel or channels with which it is associated. In order to qualify as an ‘associated channel’, a channel must be manifestly linked to an existing channel on the DTT platform. The channel provider should inform the TDN Executive (through its multiplex operator) whether it wishes to be treated as an ‘associated channel’ at the time of making its LCN request in accordance with Section 3 of The Policy above. TDN anticipates taking the following non exhaustive list of criteria into account when deciding whether a channel is manifestly linked to an existing channel:
► the genre of both channels;
► the way in which the channels are branded;
► whether the channels are under common control;
► the degree of intended cross-promotion between the channels.

In some cases it may not be possible to place associated channels next to the channel or channels with which they are associated. If this situation arises; (i) TDN will endeavour to allocate LCNs so that associated channels are grouped as closely together as possible in the same genre; and (ii) TDN will seek to place associated channels next to the channel or channels with which they are associated following the next review of the Policy. This paragraph will only apply to vacant LCNs.

TDN will carry out periodic reviews of the Policy which are likely to be every two years, or earlier at the discretion of TDN. In particular, but without limiting its discretion, TDN may carry out a review if:
► A genre becomes full (i.e. genre numbering overflows into the next);
► There is a proliferation of new channels and/or services;
► An LCN becomes vacant.

Following a review of the Policy: new LCNs may be allocated to existing channels, and genres may be created or amended; and reasonable notice, not less than 3 months, will be given to channel providers who will be affected by any change.

TDN will take into account any relevant research.


15 May 2005

Portable Freeview TV on your Christmas list?

The Telegraph report that French set-top box manufacturer Thomson are to produce one of the first DTT-enabled hand-held televisions. The device is expected to go on sale in time for Christmas this year and retail for around £270.

12 May 2005

CBBC eXtra launches on BBCi

CBBC eXtra has launched on BBCi. The section is available from a "press red" prompt on the CBBC Channel or on BBCi page 570.
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26 April 2005

E4, E4+1 to launch on Freeview in May

Channel 4's entertainment channel E4 and its timeshifted sister channel E4+1 will launch on Freeview next month to coincide with the start of Big Brother, a traditional ratings-winner for the channel. E4 is currently available on Top Up TV: it is not clear if any channel will replace it in the subscription package.
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Men & Motors begins video testing

A video preview for Men & Motors has now started on Freeview channel 38. The channel will start broadcasting at 18:00 on May 2.
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21 April 2005

ITV News Channel returns to the North

The ITV News Channel has now returned to the Granada, Tyne Tees and Yorkshire ITV regions after being taken off-air to allow engineering work to take place. It is also available in the London and Central regions on Freeview.
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Men & Motors appears on Freeview

A placeholder for Men & Motors has appeared on Freeview channel 38. The channel launches "soon".
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18 April 2005

ITV News Channel returns to Central region

The ITV News Channel has returned to the Central ITV region following the completion of engineering work. The channel is also available on Freeview in London.
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07 April 2005

Channel 4 win new Freeview slot

All-but confirming one of the worst-kept secrets in DTT, Digital Spy report that Channel 4 have successfully bid for the Freeview slot recently made available by Crown Castle on multiplex C. Rumours suggest they may launch E4 on Freeview, a new film channel in association with the BBC, or a gaming channel.

Men & Motors to launch in May

ITV's Men & Motors will launch on Freeview next month on the Freeview slot recently made available on multiplex D. The channel is a temporary measure until ITV4 launches later in the year, although the new channel will no longer replace Men & Motors: the two channels will co-exist following changes to the planned format of ITV4.
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04 April 2005

Xtraview - Top Up TV for £1 a day

Top Up TV have launched a website for a forthcoming new service Xtraview (channel 36). For £1 per day, viewers will be able to watch a sample of channels broadcast on the Top Up TV service. A viewing card is not required as the system will use the same MHEG encryption techniques as Red Hot. The channel will broadcast between 06:00 and 23:00.
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01 April 2005

Men & Motors to launch on Freeview

MediaGuardian has confirmed that ITV have won the latest Freeview channel slot, and that they will launch Men & Motors on Freeview as a temporary measure until the launch of ITV4 later this year. In other news, a Teletext on ITV placeholder now appears on all ITV channels when you press the "text" button.

ABC1 broadcasting widescreen adverts

Just over six months after launching on Freeview, ABC1 has begun broadcasting advertisements. The commercials are broadcast in widescreen, even though all the channel's programmes are filmed in 4:3.
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29 March 2005

New look BBCi arrives on Freeview

BBCi has been given a new look on Freeview. changes include a new "bridge" menu, a new logo and "fastext"-style buttons along the bottom of the screen. No new content has been added.

Switchover begins!

Two Welsh villages taking part in a digital television trial will have analogue television switched off tomorrow (except BBC Two Wales, as only BBC 2W is available on Freeview). Ferryside and Llansteffan have been trialling digital TV with free set-top boxes for months, and 98% of residents voted to be the first places in the UK to fully switch to digital.
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ABC1 tests widescreen

ABC1 has been broadcasting widescreen switching signals in preparation for carrying advertisements in widescreen from April 1. The channel has already altered its schedule in preparation for the forthcoming ad breaks.
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Xtraview appears

The Top Up TV Sampler channel has been renamed Xtraview. The channel, still connected to Top Up TV, ceased video and audio broadcasts a few days ago.
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21 March 2005

Teletext C becomes Teletext Cars

"Teletext C" has been renamed Teletext Cars on channel 56, but the service is yet to fully launch. The Teletext TV Guide (previously channel 54) has been removed from the EPG. The Top Up TV Sampler channel has also stopped broadcasting.
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19 March 2005

ITV win one slot, Channel 4 to win the other

ITV have won the first channel slot aution for a slot on multiplex D, and Channel 4 are expected to win the second slot on multiplex C. ITV will use the space to launch a replacement to pay-television channel Men & Motors called ITV4, which could launch as early as next month on Freeview, digital satellite and cable.
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09 March 2005

BBCi gets a new badge

BBCi, the BBC's text and interactive service is to be given a new look on Freeview in the next few weeks. The new logo, featuring a "red button", differentiates the service from the BBC website (formerly known as BBCi).
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03 March 2005

Another Freeview slot up for offer

Crown Castle are planning to make another Freeview channel available, this time on Multiplex C, in the next few months, according to Broadcast. An announcement on the winner of the transmission company's first auction is expected shortly: Channel 4 and ITV are the favourites to win.
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10 February 2005

Top Up TV has 160,000 subscribers

Digital Spy has revealed that pay-television service Top Up TV has attracted 160,000 subscribers since launching in April last year. It is estimated that there are currently around one million receivers that are capable of viewing the service. Top Up TV has a break-even target of 250,000 subscribers.

09 February 2005

Red Hot launches

Adult entertainment channel Red Hot has launched as a pay-per-view channel on DTT. A compatible DTT receiver is required to view the service, charged at £5.99/night. No subscription to Top Up TV is required. The channel has already proved controversial: lawyers acting on behalf of Freeview (the company) have already taken legal action against the channel, as their website used the Freeview logo without permission.
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Ofcom announces switchover plans

Ofcom have published proposals for the switchover to digital television. Under the plans, which are based on the ITV broadcast regions: Wales, Westcountry and Border will be the first to switch off the analogue signal in 2008; Granada, West, Grampian and Scottish will switch in 2009; Central, Yorkshire, Anglia in 2010; Meridian, London, Tyne Tees and Ulster in 2011; the Channel Islands will be the last to convert in 2012.
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Teachers' TV launches on Freeview

Teachers's TV has launched on Freeview channel 47, and will broadcast daily from 00:00 (midnight) to 06:00. The channel is available 24-hours a day on satellite and cable.
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01 February 2005

E4 to switch to Freeview?

E4 could become free on all digital platforms, including Freeview, by the end of the year, according to reports. Channel 4 are reported as saying that it is a simply a case of when, and not if, E4 will become a solely advertising-funded channel. The channel is currently broadcast on subscription service Top Up TV.

31 January 2005

Teachers' TV, Red Hot appear on Freeview

Two new channels have appeared on Freeview: Teachers' TV (channel 47) and Red Hot (channel 61), both from multiplex A. Teachers' TV launches on Freeview at midnight on February 9 (broadcasting from 00:00 to 06:00 daily).
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28 January 2005

Competition for Freeview slot hots up

A bidding war has broken out over the new Freeview channel slot, according to MediaGuardian. There is expected to be a flurry of bids on Monday afternoon and it's likely that bidding could reach as high as £4.5 million per year for the 18-hour slot. When Freeview first launched new channels on the service were available for as little as £1 million. The slot is available on a 12-month contract with the winner having first refusal when this expires. The deadline for (sealed) bids is Monday evening.

20 January 2005

New Freeview slot up for grabs

Freeview multiplex operator Crown Castle have announced that improvements in compression technology means a new channel slot is available on DTT. According to reports, any new service could launch as soon as April 1. Channel 4, Five and Disney are amongst those thought to be interested in bidding for the new channel, which will broadcast for 18 hours a day.
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UKTV Gold to extend hours

Top Up TV have announced that UKTV Gold will extend their broadcast hours on the service from tonight. The channel currently ceases broadcasting at 00:50 at the latest- the channel will now close at 05:00.
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17 January 2005

5 million homes have Freeview

Freeview is now available in over 5 million households, according to the BBC. In September last year, Ofcom estimated just under 4 million homes had the service. An estimated 190,000 DTT receivers a week were being sold in the two weeks before Christmas.

12 January 2005

Teachers' TV to launch on Freeview

Teachers' TV have announced on their website that they will launch on Freeview on February 8, broadcasting overnight. The channel will be 24-hours on satellite and cable.
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10 January 2005

Teletext coming to ITV Freeview channels

Teletext has signed a 10-year deal with ITV to provide a digital text service on all of the broadcaster's digital channels. The new service, "Teletext on ITV", will launch on Freeview and digital satellite and will be available via the "text" button.
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