14 December 2004

Sky Text launches on Freeview

Sky Text is now available on all Sky channels by pressing "Text".
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11 December 2004

Top Up TV troubles

Several channels on DTT have been affected by technical problems this morning. ABC1 did not start broadcasting until 13:00, while Discovery Home & Leisure and Discovery are broadcasting "in the clear" on some transmitters. Cartoon Network is off air. Various other Top Up TV channels are broadcasting either in the wrong timeslots or on the wrong channel numbers.
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10 December 2004

Five advertise Top Up TV via red button

Much to the annoyance of people trying to watch programmes, a "press red" prompt has appeared on Five which explains how to subscribe to Top Up TV. The subscription company uses some of Five's broadcasting space to provide its channels.

06 December 2004

BBCi rolls out page numbers

BBCi text pages on Freeview are now accessible using page numbers. Pages also available on Ceefax keep their existing three-digit numbers, whilst pages exclusive to Freeview have new four-digit codes: the News Multiscreen is on page 1001. Not all pages have numbers.
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Top Up TV Sampler launches

The Top Up TV Sampler channel has launched on channel 36. It shows a video loop explaining how to receive the service and what channels are available.
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04 December 2004

Sky Text testing on Freeview

Sky Text is now testing on all Freeview Sky channels. The service can currently only be accessed by typing in the following code using the coloured buttons on the remote control: yellow green blue red green red yellow blue. The tests reveal a similar service to BBCi and Teletext, with page numbers and a hide/reveal function:

Source: Telly Aerial

02 December 2004

Switchover trial villages given DTT

A small relay transmitter in Ferryside, south Wales has started broadcasting four DTT multiplexes (1, 2, A and B) today. The village, which has been earmarked for use in a digital switchover trial, will be monitored to see how popular take-up of digital services is and to identify any problems. Analogue services to the towns of Ferryside and Llansteffan will continue for now but are expected to be switched off in March next year.
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