25 November 2004

Top Up TV Sampler appears

The "Top Up TV Sampler" channel has appeared on channel 36, broadcasting on multiplex A. In separate news, "Teletext C" has also appeared on channel 56.
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03 November 2004

More changes to BBCi on the way

The BBC has announced some major upcoming changes to the BBCi text service. Starting first with digital satellite this month and followed by Freeview and digital cable, the main difference will be the introduction of page numbers. Additional content will also be added to the service. The BBC is keen to make the service as familiar to use as Ceefax on analogue TV, which is not available on Freeview and only in a very limited form on digital satellite.
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02 November 2004

Ten O'Clock News goes interactive

The Ten O'Clock News will be interactive from this evening on all digital platforms. This week it will include more in-depth information and features on the US elections, which take place today. The service will run for 45 minutes at 22:00 from Monday to Friday.
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01 November 2004

ITV3 launches on Freeview... and cable and Sky!

ITV3 has launched on Freeview channel 34. The channel will broadcast 24 hours a day, and in some regions has replaced the ITV News Channel while engineering works on multiplex 2 are completed. Despite initial reports the channel would be exclusive to Freeview at launch, an eleventh-hour agreement between ITV and Sky has seen ITV buy-out Sky's share in "Granada"-branded channels Plus - which has been forced to close to allow the channel to launch - and Men & Motors. ITV3 is also available on cable.
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