27 September 2004

ABC1 launches on Freeview

ABC1 has launched on Freeview channel 15. The channel, broadcasting between 06:00 and 18:00, shows programmes from American broadcaster ABC, part of the Disney Corporation. The channel is not available in Wales, and will not be carrying adverts initially.
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25 September 2004

Price-drop.tv on the move

Shopping channel Price-drop.tv are advising viewers to retune their digital receivers on October 1, when the channel will move from multiplex 2 to multiplex A to allow ITV3 to launch.
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22 September 2004

3C begins testing

3C (Continuous Cool Country), the radio station launching on Freeview on September 29, has started testing on Freeview channel 95. The station broadcasts on Mux C and has an MHEG screen showing the telephone number and website address but is not broadcasting any EPG data yet.
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19 September 2004

BT to launch "Freeview Plus"

British Telecom is to launch a new service next year in conjunction with Freeview. To be called "BT Freeview Plus", the service will combine Freeview with subscription content delivered via a broadband modem. BT will begin testing with a few pre-selected customers next week but full launch of the service is expected to be about a year from now. The service has the support of the BBC as well as other broadcasters.
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17 September 2004

Freeview closing the gap on Sky

MediaGuardian reports that Freeview now has as many as 4.4 million viewers and is rapidly closing the gap on Sky (7 million). In 2004 Q2 the satellite operator saw its share of the digital TV market fall from 55% to 53.5% while the growth of Freeview has seen it increase from 26.5% to a 28.4% share. 55.4% of households now have access to digital TV.
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09 September 2004

ITV3 to launch exclusively on Freeview

ITV boss Charles Allen today revealed that ITV3, a new channel starting on November 1, will be available exclusively on Freeview at launch. Sky have told ITV that they have no space for the channel, while negotiations with NTL and Telewest are still on-going.
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03 September 2004

Wake up to the Community Channel

The Community Channel is to change its broadcast hours from September 6. It will move from its "graveyard" slot to 06:00-09:00.
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01 September 2004

Shopping and changing in Wales

QVC and Bid-up.tv now appear to be timesharing in Wales: previously, QVC was entirely unavailable and Bid-up broadcast 24/7. Bid-tv will now broadcast between 08:00 and 19:00.
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