30 April 2004

7-day EPG to be extended

The seven-day EPG trials will be extended to London from 14:00 on May 5 from the Crystal Palace, Guildford, Hemel Hempstead and Reigate transmitters. Each will transmit full SI (service information) data. All multiplexes except A will carry the extended data.
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28 April 2004

UKTV Updates

The recently re-branded UKTV channels have now had their names updated on the EPG. Freeview channels UKTV History and UKTV Bright Ideas and Top Up TV channels UKTV Gold, UKTV Style and UKTV Food have all had their channel names updated. Channel 22 has also been renamed Ideal World, following the channel's recent launch.
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26 April 2004

BBC considers High Definiton TV

The BBC is considering rolling out High Definition television (HDTV) in the next five years, due to consumers buying increasingly large screen TVs. Sadly, HDTV is unlikely to come to DTT due to limited bandwidth.
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23 April 2004

Ideal World launches on Freeview

Shopping channel Ideal World has started broadcasting on Freeview channel 22. The unannounced launch follows channel 22 being blank since the launch of Freeview in October 2002.
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22 April 2004

YooPlay Games

YooPlay Games is the new name for F2P Games. As well as a new name, Freeview's only games channel has also had a makeover:

Main menu:

Radio station selection:

Jokes and trivia:

Prizes and winners:




Scooby-Doo (Ring Realms):

21 April 2004

New text services for The Hits

Emap music channel The Hits launched a new text service today, which was temporarily removed due to the problems it caused to some receivers. The new "press red" prompt slides onto the screen before disappearing after a few seconds. The text screens are now similar in style to the Emap radio stations' slides.
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18 April 2004

Freeview popular in Ireland

Sales of Freeview receivers have reached 100,000 units in the Republic of Ireland, even though the service is only broadcast in the UK. The Irish viewers have been receiving the service using DTT transmitters over the border in Northern Ireland (where there are around 200,000 Freeviewers) and across the sea in Wales.
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16 April 2004

Channel 4 plan new digital channels

Channel 4 plan to launch new digital channels next year, according to The Times. The broadcaster hasn't yet decided whether they will subscription or free channels, but their new advertising funded channel More4 will be on Freeview. Various genres including music, comedy and factual programmes are being considered.

15 April 2004

YooPlay replaces F2P Games

YooPlay Games has launched on Freeview channel 53, replacing F2P Games (previously known as "Free2Play Games"). The games haven't changed, but there are now four to choose from (up from three), and viewers have the option to purchase an all-day pass or pay-per-play. Free levels are still available.