21 February 2004

Six Nations Interactive to have choice of audio

For the first time on an interactive service on DTT, two audio feeds will be available for the Six Nations rugby interactive viewers. As well as the usual BBC commentary, it's now possible to listen to "Ref Link" (sound from the referee during the game) by pressing 1 and selecting the sound stream when watching via BBCi.
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18 February 2004

Freeview overtakes cable in digital homes

Freeview has now replaced cable as the second most popular provider of multi-channel TV, with homes now receiving the BBC-backed service approaching 3 million. This figure is expected to reach 4 million before the end of the year, according to the Financial Times.
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16 February 2004

EPG trials to be extended

Trials of the extended Freeview EPG will soon be rolled out to the rest of the UK. Problems identified in last year's testing in Wales have now been fixed: both four- and seven-day listings have worked well for the past few weeks. The trials will be extended to London, followed by all other regions of the UK. This will be welcome news for Freeview PVR owners who have been waiting with frustration with the limited functionality of their boxes.
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15 February 2004

Analogue BBC could switch off in 2007

The analogue signal for BBC channels could start being switched off just three years from now, under proposals being formulated between the broadcaster, the Digital Television Group, ITV and Channel 4. BBC Two would be switched off first, region-by-region, followed a few months later by BBC One, then later still by ITV1 and Channel 4, when digital penetration has reached close to 100%. Limited analogue switch-off could also happen in parts of Wales from this year to test coverage.
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13 February 2004

Top Up TV Promo channel launches

Channel 26, which appeared on the EPG yesterday, is now broadcasting a video promotion for Top Up TV, including details of how to receive the service and highlights of some of the programming.

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12 February 2004

Channel 26 placeholder appears

A placeholder named Channel 26 has appeared on Freeview channel 26 with a caption advising viewers a "new service [is] coming soon".

09 February 2004

Top Up TV announce pay-TV channels

Top Up TV, a new pay-television service headed by former BSkyB executives David Chance and Ian West, is to launch on DTT. The company has launched its website with subscription details and channel line-up. The service will offer 10 timeshare channels for £7.99/month: E4, UK Gold, TCM, UK Style, Discovery Channel, Discovery Home & Leisure, UK Food, Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Bloomberg. Television X is also available for an extra £9.99/month.
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04 February 2004

Government to begin Switchover push

MediaGuardian reports that the Government is to start a concerted campaign to encourage the public to switch to digital TV and hasten the switch off of the analogue signal. It is planning to hire Lambie Nairn, the design firm that designed the idents used on BBC Two and Channel 4, to design a logo for use in the campaign. The Government could start switching off the analogue signal within two years, and is setting a target to complete switchover by 2010.
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02 February 2004

TV Travel Shop leaves Freeview

TV Travel Shop has ceased broadcasting on Freeview following the expiry of its contract with SDN, the operator or Multiplex A. Rumours suggest the channel's removal is making room for the rumoured new pay-TV service, "Top Up TV". TV Travel Shop is still broadcasting as normal on cable and satellite.
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