14 December 2004

Sky Text launches on Freeview

Sky Text is now available on all Sky channels by pressing "Text".
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11 December 2004

Top Up TV troubles

Several channels on DTT have been affected by technical problems this morning. ABC1 did not start broadcasting until 13:00, while Discovery Home & Leisure and Discovery are broadcasting "in the clear" on some transmitters. Cartoon Network is off air. Various other Top Up TV channels are broadcasting either in the wrong timeslots or on the wrong channel numbers.
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10 December 2004

Five advertise Top Up TV via red button

Much to the annoyance of people trying to watch programmes, a "press red" prompt has appeared on Five which explains how to subscribe to Top Up TV. The subscription company uses some of Five's broadcasting space to provide its channels.

06 December 2004

BBCi rolls out page numbers

BBCi text pages on Freeview are now accessible using page numbers. Pages also available on Ceefax keep their existing three-digit numbers, whilst pages exclusive to Freeview have new four-digit codes: the News Multiscreen is on page 1001. Not all pages have numbers.
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Top Up TV Sampler launches

The Top Up TV Sampler channel has launched on channel 36. It shows a video loop explaining how to receive the service and what channels are available.
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04 December 2004

Sky Text testing on Freeview

Sky Text is now testing on all Freeview Sky channels. The service can currently only be accessed by typing in the following code using the coloured buttons on the remote control: yellow green blue red green red yellow blue. The tests reveal a similar service to BBCi and Teletext, with page numbers and a hide/reveal function:

Source: Telly Aerial

02 December 2004

Switchover trial villages given DTT

A small relay transmitter in Ferryside, south Wales has started broadcasting four DTT multiplexes (1, 2, A and B) today. The village, which has been earmarked for use in a digital switchover trial, will be monitored to see how popular take-up of digital services is and to identify any problems. Analogue services to the towns of Ferryside and Llansteffan will continue for now but are expected to be switched off in March next year.
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25 November 2004

Top Up TV Sampler appears

The "Top Up TV Sampler" channel has appeared on channel 36, broadcasting on multiplex A. In separate news, "Teletext C" has also appeared on channel 56.
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03 November 2004

More changes to BBCi on the way

The BBC has announced some major upcoming changes to the BBCi text service. Starting first with digital satellite this month and followed by Freeview and digital cable, the main difference will be the introduction of page numbers. Additional content will also be added to the service. The BBC is keen to make the service as familiar to use as Ceefax on analogue TV, which is not available on Freeview and only in a very limited form on digital satellite.
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02 November 2004

Ten O'Clock News goes interactive

The Ten O'Clock News will be interactive from this evening on all digital platforms. This week it will include more in-depth information and features on the US elections, which take place today. The service will run for 45 minutes at 22:00 from Monday to Friday.
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01 November 2004

ITV3 launches on Freeview... and cable and Sky!

ITV3 has launched on Freeview channel 34. The channel will broadcast 24 hours a day, and in some regions has replaced the ITV News Channel while engineering works on multiplex 2 are completed. Despite initial reports the channel would be exclusive to Freeview at launch, an eleventh-hour agreement between ITV and Sky has seen ITV buy-out Sky's share in "Granada"-branded channels Plus - which has been forced to close to allow the channel to launch - and Men & Motors. ITV3 is also available on cable.
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21 October 2004

UKTV to launch gardening channel

UKTV plan to launch a new channel, "UKTV Gardens". According to Broadcast magazine, the channel could replace UKTV Bright Ideas on Freeview.
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19 October 2004

New look for Teletext

Teletext has relaunched with a new look on Freeview channel 9. The new service also includes the introduction of page numbers (similar to analogue teletext) on Teletext on 4.
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14 October 2004

ITV3 appears on Freeview

A placeholder for ITV3 has appeared on Freeview channel 34. The channel will launch at 21:00 on November 1. A video preview of the channel will be broadcast from October 25.
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12 October 2004

ITV News Channel removed for engineering

The ITV News Channel is to be taken off-air in all regions except London to allow engineering work to take place on multiplex 2. Work has already been completed on the Crystal Palace transmitter, which allows more channels to be broadcast. The channel's removal allows for the launch of ITV3 next month.
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01 October 2004

Price-drop.tv moves

Freeviewers must re-scan their receivers to continue to receive Price-drop.tv on channel 24, following its move to multiplex A.
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27 September 2004

ABC1 launches on Freeview

ABC1 has launched on Freeview channel 15. The channel, broadcasting between 06:00 and 18:00, shows programmes from American broadcaster ABC, part of the Disney Corporation. The channel is not available in Wales, and will not be carrying adverts initially.
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25 September 2004

Price-drop.tv on the move

Shopping channel Price-drop.tv are advising viewers to retune their digital receivers on October 1, when the channel will move from multiplex 2 to multiplex A to allow ITV3 to launch.
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22 September 2004

3C begins testing

3C (Continuous Cool Country), the radio station launching on Freeview on September 29, has started testing on Freeview channel 95. The station broadcasts on Mux C and has an MHEG screen showing the telephone number and website address but is not broadcasting any EPG data yet.
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19 September 2004

BT to launch "Freeview Plus"

British Telecom is to launch a new service next year in conjunction with Freeview. To be called "BT Freeview Plus", the service will combine Freeview with subscription content delivered via a broadband modem. BT will begin testing with a few pre-selected customers next week but full launch of the service is expected to be about a year from now. The service has the support of the BBC as well as other broadcasters.
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17 September 2004

Freeview closing the gap on Sky

MediaGuardian reports that Freeview now has as many as 4.4 million viewers and is rapidly closing the gap on Sky (7 million). In 2004 Q2 the satellite operator saw its share of the digital TV market fall from 55% to 53.5% while the growth of Freeview has seen it increase from 26.5% to a 28.4% share. 55.4% of households now have access to digital TV.
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09 September 2004

ITV3 to launch exclusively on Freeview

ITV boss Charles Allen today revealed that ITV3, a new channel starting on November 1, will be available exclusively on Freeview at launch. Sky have told ITV that they have no space for the channel, while negotiations with NTL and Telewest are still on-going.
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03 September 2004

Wake up to the Community Channel

The Community Channel is to change its broadcast hours from September 6. It will move from its "graveyard" slot to 06:00-09:00.
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01 September 2004

Shopping and changing in Wales

QVC and Bid-up.tv now appear to be timesharing in Wales: previously, QVC was entirely unavailable and Bid-up broadcast 24/7. Bid-tv will now broadcast between 08:00 and 19:00.
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30 August 2004

Premier Radio fully launches on Freeview

Premier Christian Radio has fully launched on Freeview channel 96 following audio testing. In other news, ABC1 has begun video testing on channel 15.
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28 August 2004

ABC1 appears on Freeview

Channel 15 in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland is now showing an information screen advising viewers that ABC1 launches on Monday September 27. The channel has disappeared from the EPG in Wales and there are reports that SDN has no plans to transmit ABC1 in the Principality.
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23 August 2004

talkSPORT, Premier launch on Freeview

talkSPORT and Premier Christian Radio have launched on Freeview on channels 94 and 96 respectively. A third station, 3C is expected to launch in the Autumn.
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11 August 2004

Mystery placeholders appear

Three new placeholders from multiplex C have today appeared on Freeview, but without allocated LCNs only certain boxes are receiving and storing them. It's thought they are for three new radio services: talkSPORT, Premier Radio and 3C (Continuous Cool Country).
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04 August 2004

ABC1 to launch in September

Digital Spy reports Disney's new Freeview channel ABC1 will launch in September. The channel was originally due to launch in "winter 2003" but has been delayed while Disney reconsidered the channel's content. ABC1 will be on air between 06:00 and 18:00, initially time-sharing with part of the Top Up TV subscription service before eventually broadcasting 24 hours. It will launch exclusively on Freeview and will not carry advertisements for the first few months.
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ITV3 to launch on Freeview

MediaGuardian reports that ITV's new 'oldies' channel ITV3 is to be a free channel on Freeview, satellite and cable when it launches in November. The decision not to charge viewers for the channel comes after months of negotiations with BSkyB, who are thought to have wanted an equity stake in ITV3 in return for featuring the channel in its line-up of subscription channels.
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28 July 2004

Changes to BBCi

The BBC has made some major changes to its text service on Freeview. As well as a brand new look for the main content sections there is now a hide/reveal function available by pressing "0". The quarter-screen video has been moved to the left-hand side and each section now has new graphics. The shortcuts menu now has more options: TV Now/Next, News Headlines, Regional News, Sports Headlines, Football and Lottery. The overlay screen (also known as the bridge) that appears when you first enter BBCi has not been changed.
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26 July 2004

7-day EPG rollout begins

The seven-day listings service has now started being rolled out on DTT transmitters across the UK. Most transmitters in the south of England now have at least a four-day EPG and some have the full seven-day service. The process should be completed this week when every transmitter will broadcast a full seven day service. Compatible receivers are required to take full advantage of the data.
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22 July 2004

Digital switchover delayed

Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell today announced that the analogue TV signal would not be switched off before 2012. The Government has previously said that full conversion to digital would happen between 2006 and 2010, but after warnings from the BBC that this would leave many people without a TV service this has now put back. Jowell insisted that analogue switch-off could start in some regions by 2007. An initiative was also announced to require all new analogue-only televisions to display a sticker with a sell-by date warning that after that point it will no longer be usable without a set-top box. Help will be provided for those people that are unable or unwilling to convert to digital.
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09 July 2004

7-day EPG to go nationwide in July

dtt-tx-info.org has been advised that the extended seven-day 'EIT' data used to provide a full EPG service on compatible receivers is expected to commence broadcasting nationwide shortly after July 20. It is currently being tested from transmitters in south Wales and London.
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Teachers' TV to launch on Freeview

The Government has announced it will launch a new television channel for teachers next year, to be called Teachers' TV. It will be available on Freeview, cable and Sky.
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05 July 2004

Ten O'Clock News to go interactive

The BBC has revealed details of a new interactive service for the Ten O'Clock News, expected to start in the autumn. The service, "Ten O'Clock News Extra", will provide more background information on the days top stories and will be available to all digital viewers.
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01 July 2004

Sky Travel goes 24 hours

Sky Travel has now started broadcasting 24 hours a day. The channel previously closed for the night from 01:00 to 06:00
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10 June 2004

Kerrang! gets more lively

The West Midlands radio station Kerrang! 105.2 has replaced the fully-automated Kerrang! digital service on Freeview channel 92.
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QVC begins widescreen broadcasts

Shopping channel QVC has started broadcasting in widescreen on Freeview channel 16.
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27 May 2004

BBCi: Chelsea Flower Show

Red button coverage of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show:

Update: from June 5:

21 May 2004

4TV to extend EPG to 14 days

4TVInteractive have announced that they will be extending their seven-day listings service to 14 days later this year. Unlike the 7-day Freeview EPG, currently still in development, the 4TV guide can only be received by licensed receivers and requires reception of multiplex D.
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"Daytime" to be called ABC1

The Financial Times reports Disney is to make an announcement regarding its new Freeview channel on Sunday. The channel, previously known as "Daytime" is now expected to be called ABC1.
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19 May 2004

13 May 2004

Government searching for Switchover sites

The Government is looking for suitable sites to convert analogue transmissions to digital on a small scale basis. Locations thought to be considered for trials that could start later this year include Llansteffan and Ferryside in south Wales, where most analogue TV receivers are thought to use a local relay station. This will be switched over to digital during the trial, and possibly permanently if the trial is a success. There is no confirmation from the DCMS that these places will be amongst those used for trials but a spokesperson said: "Once they have been identified their names will be announced and a public consultation exercise will be launched".
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08 May 2004

BBCi: Snooker

Updated menus:

BBCi: Sportscene

Live coverage of Celtic vs Rangers from BBC Scotland was available nationwide via the red button:

BBCi: Pet TV

30 April 2004

7-day EPG to be extended

The seven-day EPG trials will be extended to London from 14:00 on May 5 from the Crystal Palace, Guildford, Hemel Hempstead and Reigate transmitters. Each will transmit full SI (service information) data. All multiplexes except A will carry the extended data.
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28 April 2004

UKTV Updates

The recently re-branded UKTV channels have now had their names updated on the EPG. Freeview channels UKTV History and UKTV Bright Ideas and Top Up TV channels UKTV Gold, UKTV Style and UKTV Food have all had their channel names updated. Channel 22 has also been renamed Ideal World, following the channel's recent launch.
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26 April 2004

BBC considers High Definiton TV

The BBC is considering rolling out High Definition television (HDTV) in the next five years, due to consumers buying increasingly large screen TVs. Sadly, HDTV is unlikely to come to DTT due to limited bandwidth.
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23 April 2004

Ideal World launches on Freeview

Shopping channel Ideal World has started broadcasting on Freeview channel 22. The unannounced launch follows channel 22 being blank since the launch of Freeview in October 2002.
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22 April 2004

YooPlay Games

YooPlay Games is the new name for F2P Games. As well as a new name, Freeview's only games channel has also had a makeover:

Main menu:

Radio station selection:

Jokes and trivia:

Prizes and winners:




Scooby-Doo (Ring Realms):