27 November 2003

BBCi changes

A few minor changes have been made to the BBCi text service today. Amongst the changes, each section (News, Sport, etc.) is now colour-coded, and the word "Loading" when a new page is selected now appears next to the time, rather than instead of it:

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ITV plan new digital channels

ITV are planning to launch new digital channels following the merger of Carlton and Granada, at least one of which is expected to be on Freeview. The proposed new channels include children's channel "ITV Kids" and "ITV3", which will be a 'more upmarket' offering.

26 November 2003

Teletext Holidays launches

Teletext Holidays has launched on Freeview channel 55, based on the Holidays section of Teletext (channel 9) which will shortly be removed.

21 November 2003

Teletext TV Guide appears on Freeview

The Teletext TV Guide began testing on Freeview channel 54 yesterday, but currently only appears to be available from the Crystal Palace transmitter. The new service is expected across the country from December, along with Teletext Holidays, a new service on channel 55 replacing the existing Holidays pages on Teletext (channel 9):

The existing service on channel 9(?):

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19 November 2003

18 November 2003

4-day EPG trials

Trials of a four-day EPG start in Wales tomorrow, ahead of a UK-wide launch expected in January 2004. Viewers will need to be receiving Freeview from a Welsh transmitter and have a set-top box compatible with receiving the full EPG service (not just Now and Next information).
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15 November 2003

Teletext on 4 appears on Freeview

Teletext and Channel 4 are to launch a new digital text service on Freeview channel 50. The new service can be accessed now if you enter a secret code using the colour keys and includes news, weather and programme information. It replaces the old FourText service which previously used the same channel number.

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